The pleasures of running a small business: who would have thought getting a website developed would be so involving that one can write a book about it.

We have just for the umpteenth time redone our website.  And this is not because we thought our previous sites needed some revamp.  No!! Our previous website sort of disappeared on the web.  One day we had a website and then one day we had no website.  You can imagine for a small fashion label like ours that’s a big deal. We don’t have a huge marketing budget if at all.  So we rely heavily on social media to put our brand out there and reach customers.  I kid you not, we can write a book on developing websites – some people have run away with our money and not developed the website.  The stories are enthralling – at least we think they are.

All these stories did not deter us.  Once again we looked for another web developer to build our website again.  It was such fun.  Forgive us – none of us can code so we can’t use WordPress or Squared and develop our own website.  But we definitely know what the look and feel should be.   So we have spent the past week or so reviewing our website – and I am happy to say it is done.  I know it sounds strange that in 2017 I am gushing about a website.  But I am gushing because it’s another milestone achieved and needless to say we love the product.  We believe that our website will connect us to old friends and new ones as they search for us in the www or stumble upon us.

Another exciting development with this website is that we have included a blogging page.  I am undertaking to be posting something from Hunadi_Bespoke on the regular on our blog.  I don’t want to pre-empt what will be posted so needless to say I am thrilled about this new adventure.


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